Growth Stats

11:20 AM

Weighing in:

At birth: 7lbs 8 oz and 20 ins long

4 weeks old:  9lbs 12oz and  21.75 ins long

2 months old: 11lbs 9oz and 23.5 ins long

4 months old: 14lbs 14oz and 24.5 ins long.

6 months old: 16lbs 15.4 oz and 26.5 ins long

Milestones & Developments:

At 5.5 months started eating solids (wanted to wait till 6 mos, but mama couldnt resist the fun). first foods avocado and iron fortified rice cereal.

At 6 mos. is sitting up unassisted and eating at least 2 solid foods a day and now using the potty every morning. So far this past week (March 20-28) he has not pooped in his diaper and only pooped in his potty. It's really the timing of when to put him on it because i still think its merely a coincidence that he is able to go in it. Our routine so far is once in the morning when he wakes up, another one during the day and another one right before his bath. but any chance we get now to put him on the potty, we do it. its actually been fun and not a burden at all because it feels pretty darn good when he actually does go. such an accomplishment and we high five each other and give jax a multitude of praises. yep, we have officially become those parents who become overjoyed by our child's excrement (and we even take pictures of it and text it to each other). great, just great.

Weighing in:

At birth: 7lbs 6 oz and 20.25 ins long

1 month old: 9lbs 15.2 oz and 21.5 ins long

2 months old: 10lbs 5.1 oz and 22 ins long

4 months old:

6 months old: 13lbs 11.2 oz - (a skinny little thing but our doc said she's just skinny and she's developmentally right where she's supposed to be. What Raima tends to do is wait for mommy to get home to nurse. She does not like drinking out of the bottle! SIGH. I will be purchasing some fast flow nipples to see if that works since I have a fast let down - fast flow nipples are so opposite of what we are taught by lactation consultants. But the whole point is to mimic mom's breast and well, mine is just faster this time around. I also need to stop comparing the two of them. Jax at this age was already sitting up unassisted and was going on the potty!! I need to remember that each child, even from the same parents are different!)

Milestones & Developments:

She can sort of sit up and now enjoys being on her belly. Loves to grab at things and watch & laugh at her big brother Jax.

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