for some stupid reason

2:19 PM

1. this blog wont allow my comments on charlie's post. i wanted to comment on the fact that its okay to slack off on the belly pictures not because i will hate you for it later but because its like a weekly thing. and also on the juice, but now after the third attempt to write out a clever comment after being denied, its no longer fun or pertinent.
2. i am sooooooo sleepy. ok may be it isnt a stupid reason but its a stupid thing to be while at work. i also have gone to the bathroom at least 6 times in the last 2 hours. usually i go like 2 times if at all throughout the entire day! maybe the reason i am sleepy is i have completely cut out caffeine. oh yeah, that and im pregnant and a shit load of stuff is going on to my body that i cant even completely comprehend.
3. there are many conflicting things on what is good for you or bad for you during pregnancy.

Oh and so like ive said my first drs appt. is on tuesday the 20th (charlie, remember this, cause youre coming with me), i hope to at least be able to see the baby's heart flutter. it will be difficult to hear it unless i was super thin or they use some special machine called a doppler. i also have an appointment to meet one of the two midwives we are interviewing that day. the other midwife interview is on the 23rd. My dad is no longer coming to visit as he got called on another assignment back in LA so, thats kind of good.

anyway, this is a stupid post. im just trying to stay awake here at work. maybe i'll go for a walk.

see you all in the next couple of days!!

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Oooooh, I love me some comments. Thank you.

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