insert midwife pun here

10:58 AM

i can't think of anything really clever... me-doula oblongata? i don't know, i saw the blog we follow a few days ago and it was titled epi-doula or something and i thought i could one-up them, but i can't. mid-wife? how bout the whole wife? ... uh yeah, sorry.

so we decided to have a homebirth.
i don't think there was any doubt really in mama's mind. just seemed natural, like that's the way it's supposed to happen. i guess i just didn't think about it all that much. i figured whatever works is cool. but then we watched the Business of being Born, and it really made it very clear to me that homebirth is the way to go, if you're into that sort of thing. if you're a take me to the hospital kind of person, or if you're "at-risk" then by all means, go to the hospital. but we think it's safer and cooler to do it at home. you're more in control, you're more in touch with what's happening. and i'm kinda spooked by all the drugs they pump into you to try and get you to pop the sucker out in time for the doctor to go home and have dinner. no drugs!
we've interviewed two midwifes, and i think we've made our choice.
now we have to come up with the 4 Gs to pay her.
time for papa to get a jobbyjob.

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