not really secret

10:55 AM

i've told some friends, Cherlyn's told some of her friends, but as mentioned, we haven't spilled the entire can of baby beans to everyone yet. but i think if you were inquisitive enough, you could figure it out. if you click on Cherlyn's profile, this blog is listed. if you click on the link, it shows you "ourbabywagner", but then asks for a password.
slacked today on two crucial items:
1. baby belly documentation
i've taken one picture so far, but ideally i could be taking them every day.
2. juice
i got too caught up in washing last night's dishes and didn't have enough time to make Cherlyn her breakfast juice. the dandelion greens worked fine. i'm going to go away from the simple apples, carrots, beets to more diverse stuff. there'll be that stuff in there too, but it won't be so dominant. more greens. healthy shit.

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