pre-doctor's visit

12:38 PM

Cherlyn got out early today to go to the doctor. i got there a couple minutes late, cuz i'm a lazy bastard, but i did bring her a hard boiled egg and some fruit to snack on. she filled out the paperwork, and i told her to check no for drug and alcohol addicts cuz that's none of their business and just cuz i was a lush doesn't mean i'm going to be a bad parent. well, maybe, but anyway, it's too late now. they gave us some more dates for future appointments and i wrote them down, even though Cherlyn was writing them down too. the books i'm reading say that i'm supposed to show up to the doctor's visits with questions prepared and note taking shit and i don't know what the fuck is going on. they just ask her a bunch of questions and look at me like i'm in the wrong building. then they sent us to the lab and they drew 4 tubes of blood from the preggers and sent us home. we're interviewing a midwife this afternoon too. i guess i'm supposed to have a barrage of questions ready to show her i'm involved. better start reading the chapter in Dude's Guide To Pregnancy, "What the $^%& do you ask the Midwife chick, bro?"

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