The rabbit is dead

12:26 PM

I have taken the test and depending on how you see it, i either failed it or passed it.

Yep guys, I am preggo, preggers, knocked up, with child and so on and so forth. Cw has successfully inseminated me and his little fuckers can most certainly swim as well as having a particular one penetrate my stubborn egg.

I am 5 weeks and 1 day to be exact. I have my first prenatal doctors appt. on January 20th. Which also happens to be when my Dad flys in and visits us. I am choosing not to tell him until the 31st when we kind of sort of have a mini family reunion because a cousin from the motherland is coming to the states for the first time. anyway, we’ve all told you, and im glad I can share that with you. I wanted to wait until after the first trimester, which is when you are in the clear for miscarriages or something, but I couldn’t wait. You know me, hard to keep a secret like that!!

So hopefully you all can follow along with us and we’ll try and post pictures and keep our family (that’s you guys) updated with the doctor visits and the belly bulge.

I got a whole bunch of (crap) books yesterday. And if I wasn’t so exhausted, Id fucking write a better pregnancy book, or at least the start of one. Most if not all are trying to be funny (which is why I bought them) but they do so by being lame and really unfunny? If that makes sense. Half of the information is scary. The other half is horrific, while a select few are a nice side effect (like pregnancy orgasms? Yeah, its for real- well, I haven’t tried yet).

anyways, i have minor cravings even though im only 5 weeks along but one things for sure, i am always exhausted.

if you are interested in what this week is doing to my body, check this out.

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  1. Congrats, by now you've moved on to a new life. Where did you get that rabbit and carrot doll?


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