what i did today

7:55 PM

7:20 am - woke up feeling sick. like as in flu sick. oh wait, im pregnant. had my morning fresh veggie juice that cw makes for baby and me, felt a bit better.
7:53 am - got to work, still felt icky but didnt want to use my pregnancy as an excuse and reap the benefits. not just yet anyway.
8:40 am - had a bagel with extra cream cheese. felt better.
9:00 am - started to feel icky again and when i mean icky, i dont mean morning sickness icky. just icky. uncomfortable really.
9:05 am - headache makes itself known
9:10 am - i drink some decaf.
9:15 am - brain not fooled, gives me more pain. get an email from dad acting like a child.
9:30 am - finish typing email to dad acting as if i am his parent.
10:00 am - snack on cheese its. and drank a 16 oz. glass of water
12:00 pm - walked to safeway to get some fried chicken
12:30 pm - arrive back at the office and eat 2 drumsticks, 1 thigh and 4 buffalo wings dipped in ranch sauce. had a bit of diet coke, then felt guilty and threw it away.
1:00 pm - emailed mom about trip to LA
1:10 pm - actually worked. worked hard hard.
4:40 pm - closing time. cw met me at work, peeled a tangerine, and later two hard boiled eggs, then he made dinner while i napped. im so lucky.
7:35 pm - replied to the reply of my moms email and acted like i was her parent and cried and told her that i cant wait to come to LA to give her a big hug, tell her i love her and that everything will be okay.

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