11 weeks

11:12 AM

wow, i cant believe it im going into my 3rd month and almost into my 2nd trimester, but if you want to get technical im only 10 weeks and 6 days today.

Here is the lowdown on baby -
the baby's vital organs are now formed and functioning - whoa baby! oh and the best part? the risk of defects decreases this week as the baby becomes less susceptible to outside influences. YAY!

the baby's ears are moving toward their proper place this week and the fingernail and toenail beds are beginning to form. unfortunately the baby's head is nearly as big as the rest of his body, lets hope he doesnt take after his dad. just kidding cw.

While testes or ovaries are completely formed now, we won't be able to see the baby's gender for a few more weeks. sorry guys.

At our first ultrasound we, really it was cw, who got to see the little gummy bear move around. and nope i havent felt the baby move or anything - still too early for that, and from cw's post, you all know that "movement" i feel is probably just gas.

the baby now weighs a third of an ounce, about the same as two small, single serving packets of sugar, and is about 2 inches long, about the length of one of those sugar packets. weird huh?

and to this date, i have gained only 6 lbs. thank god. still wearing pre-pregnancy clothes but soon, very soon, i will need to bring on the elastic!

oh and thank you so much Grandma Linda, Getch, Tita Sandra & Tito Matt for the gifts we received this week. i guess we will have to get to it and start making that 2nd room into the nursery.

im off to an early hike tomorrow morning with amy and roz. im pretty sure that cw is glad ill be out of the house and "exercising".

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