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this is from the 25th so that makes her 7 weeks in this photo. we haven't been taking many of these because every time i try to, Cherlyn says, "no, that's not the baby, i'm just bloated." so if you want more pictures, bug her about it.

one thing that's great is that she farts.
i fart a lot. i've been called "The Gasmaster". maybe there's something wrong with me. maybe it's because i'm a psuedovegetarian. i don't know, maybe i just need to take some Beano. anyway, Cherlyn's always been pretty cool about me being a farter. often she laughs. i think she used to play fart games with her Dad and siblings when she was younger. so that's wonderful. even better now that she farts herself.
i think farting is necessary, even crucial. if you hold it in, you're just going to feel worse. let it out; bust ass and be free.
whenever she farts, we high-five. when i started trying to congratulate her, she was skeptical and annoyed. she just wanted to fart in peace without any sort of celebration. she's warming up to the idea now, or at least she's acquiesced to participating in the high-fivery. maybe next time i post a picture, it will be of us high-fiving after she farts.

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