3:42 PM

even though my belly hasn't popped out yet, there are already predictions on the sex of the baby. my friend caressa is placing a bet that it will be boy. a chinese gender predictor says it will be a boy. the linea negra on my belly is a sign it will be a boy. my not having any "morning" sickness is also a sign that it will be a boy. and then there is this:

Madame Zaritska, using her mystical powers, has the following prediction:

"The day you deliver, outside will be bright. Your baby will arrive in the late night. After a labor lasting approximately 18 hours, your child, a boy, will be born. Your baby will weigh about 6 pounds, 1 ounces, and will be 17-1/2 inches long. This child will have medium brown eyes and a lot of brown hair."

boy or girl, im just hoping for a healthy baby.

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