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so i am signed up on a few baby sites and they send you a weekly thing to update you on what the hell is going on with your body and baby. one of which also sends me a weekly digest of posts that other preggos post and some of these are just, um, how do i say this nicely? mind boggling.

for instance, something like this:

first symptoms???? help?

so, i usually have my period like clockwork and it hasn't come yet. what are the normal symptoms of pregnancy? it seems like i go to the bathroom all the time and my boobs really hurt. could i be pregnant?

my answer: dude, fucking take a home pregnancy test.

or many posts that tell of strange symptoms or rashes and they are asking other people advice on what it could be. to which my answer is - call your fucking doctor.

or questions about maternity leave (which is different in each state) to which i say - go ask your HR person, dude. or google the family leave act for your state. I'm just baffled, not to say i am any kind of expert on pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding or motherhood, but i am the type to research and take in good as well as bad information (there are of course tons out there, especially when you google it). and shouldn't you if you don't really know what is going on? and if not, hell breakdown and ask your mom, sister or aunt? which i guess is why these preggos post to other preggos, but seriously some of them are like dude, you should know the answer! call your doctor, take a pregnancy test, stop having sex and breeding - i mean, im kidding. sorry, i didnt mean that (perhaps just a little). anyway, sometimes i think just like we have a drivers license test, we should have some sort of are you fit to be a parent test. i actually don't know if i would pass one myself. so there, im an idiot too. and dont even get me started on octomom.

anyways, we have another appointment with the midwife on Friday to which I think we will get to hear the baby's heartbeat. im not sure if i was supposed to record what i was eating like i had done the last time but even if i had, i would be scolded. i have not been eating properly as of late. its hard at work. i need to get a timer to jolt me to eat.

this week/weekend i think i will start packing up the 2nd bedroom and get it ready to have it be a blank slate for the nursery. im starting to feel crafty again, not necessarily motivated but getting there. i ordered a full body pregnancy pillow as well as those belly bands. cant wait to try them out. i also think i am going to start knitting. yeah, me?! i had first learned to knit when i was like 7 or 8 and made many a scarf and thats about it. but id like to make something like this:

or something spectacular like these things. beautiful aren't they? but i have never been one to follow instructions or even a pattern (at least store bought patterns).

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  1. oh sorry, just saw this - belly bands, well my take? its basically a tube top you dont wear as a top but rather to cover your belly and unbuttoned pants!


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