19 weeks & 3 days

2:50 PM

well, i totally overheated while trying to enjoy a baseball game in the bleachers the other day. but you know what? i loved every moment of it, seeing how we dont get that many hot days in SF/Bay area. when i couldnt bear it any longer though, cw would kindly take a walk around the park with me and found a nice little shaded area on the cable car up top, only problem was the wee little ones would ring the bell a gazillion times IN MY EAR. im surprised i still have an eardrum.

however, i was on the verge of tears when upon entering the stadium, they were giving away baseball bat sets to the kids. i felt i had every right to get in on this freebie action. the woman says to me with a very stern look - i dont think so, are you 14 years old? im like no, but i will have a fourteen year old in about 14 years, while rubbing my belly. she looked at me again and didnt waiver. i clearly didnt look pregnant enough. and literally when i walked away, i wanted to cry. pregnancy hormones will do that to you (thank god it doesnt happen too often for me). and i was pissed. oh and afterwards when we headed home on bart, i saw this couple with a bat - and i was like i dont see any kids. i grabbed cw and said - see how come they get one, they dont have any kids. and cw looks at them a bit and comes back and motions with his hands to his belly - shes pregnant. WHAT THE FUCK!? I WAS IRATE, almost. and then i wanted to cry again. so not fair - to which cw chimes in - yeah, well life isnt always.

from now on, i will wear clothing that displays my most prominent feature - (breasts and) my belly. yes i am fucking pregnant and you better give me what i want NOW, or else. don't make me bust out the tears man, cause ill do it.

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  1. Wow. That sucks. But you gotta get all Oakland when that happens. Some bitch tells me "Are you 14 years old?" and you gotta say "Do you know me? More importantly, do I know you? Then mind your business. I'm pregnant and I do not need this shit right now." Damn. I got so into it that I want someone to tell me shit at the ballpark. Maybe you should just bring me?


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