choo choo wagner

11:06 AM

so today we had our monthly midwife check up and all is good. i still havent felt the baby move but hearing the heartbeat today helped reassure that all is still well. little choo choo was chugging away and as fast as ever..the doppler would catch the heartbeat for second and then lose it because the baby would move or even kick so you would hear a swoosh after hearing and losing the heartbeat - which i still didnt feel. hell, i still cant feel the top of my uterus. oh well. soon, very very soon, i'll feel the little jabs and kicks and know its the baby and not gas or some other bodily functions of my own.

oh and charlie asked a question about my salt intake, since i love my salt and ..well, the midwives said it was fine, that i probably need it anyway. not entirely the answer he was hoping for. im kind of hoping he will put a post up soon, so i dont bore you with only my writing.

im kind of waiting for charlie to gush over babies. i have several friends who are either pregnant or just had a baby (penny ngo for instance - sooo cute!) and i can't help gush over pictures. but i always gushed over babies even before i was pregnant. and i probably spend too much time looking at photos of my friends babies or other bloggers online or videos they put up and it just excites me even more because i can't wait till its our baby i can look at.

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  1. It is an amazing feeling to look at the baby you created! I'm excited for you guys!!


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