a funny thing happened on the way..

10:09 AM

Maybe not funny, how about strange or awkward?

#1 - at longs - as the lady before me is being rung up. the cashier calls out to her coworker who is passing by. he goes - what? she replies, you know what and then giggles, but you know with like her tongue pushing her teeth kind of giggle? and then he stays and situates himself behind her. another coworker passes by and walks away only to come back and also hang back behind her. its now my turn to be rung up. cashier: I like your tattoos. and says to herself, i am obsessed with tattoos and then giggles again. i love this - motions her hands across her chest. me: oh thank you. cashier: yeah, i was thinking of getting some there but i just never knew. me: oh. anyway, she asks me more questions all the while the two other guys are just standing there. staring back and forth at her then at me. as i walk away i try and emphasize my waddle and poke out my belly.

#2 - on the bus - i get a seat next to someone and the bus is not full and there are plenty of seats for almost everyone. but out of the corner of my eye, the guy who is sitting parallel to me on the other side is looking me over. its probably my tattoos again. after awhile he gets off and touches my shoulder and says kind of mumbling - do you want my seat? how nice, but how weird. i have a seat already. i decline politely. im thinking hes getting up to get off the bus. nope. now it comes to my stop and i have to stand there next to him. and i can feel him eyeing me, but i dont think its in a perverted way? i dont know. anyway, as i walk up to stand and get off the bus, i try and suck my belly in - which is no easy feat now - to save him from the embarrassment of hitting on a pregnant woman.

#3 - since it was a lovely day out yesterday, we went to eat at jupiters. we get a seat and finally decide on a large pizza, a large beet salad and also the hummus two ways appetizer. the server pauses and is like - just so you know, that is A LOT of food. I just wanted to say cause i didnt want you guys later to be like - why didnt she warn us? she obviously doesnt know who she is dealing with and cant see the obvious signs. have you seen charlie eat?

so, again i can look pregnant or look as if i spent a little too much time at the buffet line recently. it's weird, i do not gorge myself or pig out cause im eating for two now- which for some reason people think i do cause im pregnant. but i just get hungry more often and so eat more meals throughout the day.

oh and no, i have not felt the baby move nor do i know what sex it is yet (we'll find out on the 28th). but sometimes at night, i try and lay very very still. just to see if i can will myself to feel it. i hear and feel my stomach grumble or make some noise but is that the baby or is it just me? is it gas? wait, could that be it? yeah, no. i have no clue. but when i finally do, you'll be the first to know.

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