3:45 PM

so the problem with my diet? not enough protein. it is advised that you eat a minimum of 60 grams of protein each day. EACH DAY. 60 GRAMS! now it would be easy if i was a complete carnivore, and dont get me wrong - i love my meat, but at home i dont cook any meats except for the occasional fish and on the weekends my bacon. and at work the quick answer to protein would mean a stop at wendys - BAD! so this is something i am trying to figure out. AND when you are in your third trimester, it is advised to get a minimum of 100 grams daily!

trips to the bathroom have cut down, or ive just gotten better at letting myself put it off as much as i can once im in bed. so far, im doing good, no real complaints except now - at 10 pm-ish i get super hungry and MUST eat something or else. and no, i still have not felt the baby move. our u/s appointment is in 2 weeks, so hopefully all is good.

Oh and cw mentioned he needs to get some more baby bump shots so we can post them up. and i am definitely looking more pregnant by the minute. so go bug him about it.

and by the way, this past weekend we've stepped it up and got married, so you no longer have to pray for my bastard child.

and the nursery - so, the second bedroom is now empty and waiting for us to put together the crib, which my boss' wife helped me get thru a friend of hers. and my friend cat made us an awesome mobile that depicts our family - its simply adorable. we also have a pack n play that may work as a co-sleeper/bassinet thing we can put in our bedroom, courtesy of the lovely sweet lady s. we should really try and figure out the car seat/stroller combo gift we received from cw's mom because ive heard that the car seat is a little tricky, but cw feels that we have such a long way to go to bother with it now.. though in two weeks, i will be halfway there - wow, i can't believe i'm that far along already, so weird!

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  1. You can also get good protein from beans, cheese, and soy products. Work on a variety of pasta salads, hummus & bagel, or cheese mini pizza concoctions you can take to work. Get CW to work on making you prepared lunches.

    And yes, more baby bump pictures!


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