he moves me

8:29 AM

I totally spaced and forgot to say that - I felt the baby move! and last night definitely confirmed that those were, indeed baby movements.

it's not like what i read about or tried to anticipate. it was kind of anti-climatic. sorry, but thats the truth. not the excitement of actually feeling it but the feel of it, itself. of course, since i have an anterior placenta, i wasn't able to feel the first flutters - so maybe that would have been a different and exciting feeling.

to tell you the truth, it feels like an uncontrollable muscle spasm. like, you know, when you get that weird twitch from an arm or thigh muscle, out of nowhere, completely spontaneous? and you know, when you get those twitches you ask a friend to feel it but when they put their hand there it does nothing and they think you're crazy? yeah, it's exactly like that, but it's made by a little human being, which makes it kinda creepy and cool at the same time.

it was the baby's first present on my first sort of mother's day.

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