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i just bought a shit ton of books. some to give to cw and cw's mom who will also be present at the birth. yes, i know what you're thinking. she will be seeing me naked, in all my glory. weird, i know. i just try not to think about it in that way. i picture her being my coach's coach. in case cw freaks out or can't get a grip or what have you, i know that his mom will get it together and either step in and do whatever is necessary, or help cw snap out of it.

i also bought a stethoscope because at this stage in the pregnancy, we can hear the baby's heartbeat with one, supposedly. not sure if i really will be able to since i have an anterior placenta. which explains why i (still) haven't felt the baby move. he has an extra cushion in front of him. i guess typically, the baby is in front of the placenta, directly able to punch the mama but instead in my case, he has the placenta to use as a punching or kicking bag, for now at least. it is said that it will naturally or usually, move its way behind the baby or something. as long as the placenta isnt blocking the cervix then its all good. and its not, so its all good.

lately we, (or i mean, i) started to think about diapers and vaccinations. aside from thinking and preparing for the birth, there are so many other things you either have to be informed about, so when you get there you're (kind of) prepared, or just get worried over, like disposables versus cloth diapers. oh and the cost of it all. sheesh. and if cloth diapers, thru a diaper service or what? after much researching, i think we are going to do cloth diapers and compostable diapers. the thing is, both options - disposables and cloth has its advantages and disadvantages for the earth, our pocketbook and our sanity.

cloth -
in the long run, its cheaper and much better for the baby (no chemicals, no off gasses, no plastic etc.) and environment because it doesn't linger in landfills for eternity. but, you still have to wash them, and how much water and energy do you waste to do so? and with diaper service, legally, they have to use chemicals like bleach to remove stains and odors and other chemicals to make sure it is balanced for a baby's butt and then another chemical to remove the trace of all the chemicals they just put in. plus the fuel for the delivery vans to be picking and dropping off of the diapers, not to mention the water and power to run the plant to do all the convenience for you.

disposables -
do i even have to go into it? Disposable diapers are more convenient- yes, but their production requires petroleum (a non-renewable resource) and miles of forest lumber, plus manufactured synthetics and account for almost 2% of household waste in landfills.

So with my research, we found an alternative. these diapers similar to disposables, but are flushable and or compostable. since our neighbors are gardeners and we already compost, it seems like the right fit. we just compost like how we normally do and throw in the earth friendly diapers (pee pee ones only) into a tumbler and then use the compost/soil for the garden. easy as that, but not really. we'll come to find out how it will all play out once the baby has his say in it. for all i know, he may not like the cloth diapers or the earth friendly disposables. so only experience will tell.

i was a cloth diaper baby, but then again it was the 70's and not in the states yet were disposables were the norm or accessible.

and as for vaccinations, i liked this article i found on it.

oh and we are still having a difficult time agreeing on a name but maybe its best to wait anyway until we meet him.

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