this just in, rant #2

1:40 PM

"A gory video meant to shock teenagers into avoiding pregnancy by showing a girl giving birth on a school field is capturing plenty of attention..."

gory meaning graphic meaning what exactly? oh that unicorns and fairy dust don't come flying out of your vagina when you give birth? and that birth is some god awful thing..

oh wait, sorry this is about teenage pregnancy..

how about showing the affects of having a baby at any age, not the birth, in order to educated people? you can only deter some, i tell you..and while we're at it - why is it always directed at the teenage girls? what about the teenage boys? and seriously, parents? have we come to the point of giving up all of our responsibility of being parents to the media, because we can't talk to them? i suppose so. I forget we live in a society that allows 31 parents to sue their children's high school over the notion that a lesbian reverend explicitly stated and gave exact details on how to "turn" or "become" gay. Did these parents not see that by doing this - they have pretty much said - i have no responsibility on my children or their education. that i am allowing other people this responsibility and therefore not my fault if shit goes wrong in my children's life. any longer. and seriously people, how to "turn" gay? seriously? my god. i forget how some of our irrational fears get the best of us and can do a lot more harm than good.

anyway back to the video - so they show this teenage girl delivering her baby on the school if it was being filmed on a cellphone. how about showing a film of a crying baby, feeding, changing diapers, no more visits to the mall without the child in tow, no more visits to the bathroom by yourself, no more proms, no more glittery stickers and easy peasy skips in the park..and to do this single-handedly because any chance the teenage father will be accepting their responsibility too? the cost of the baby, just how your future as you know it will be different...this aint no doll...but you know what, if it helps by all all boils down to communication..both ways - the whole communication thing and communication means listening up too not just talking (and not talking over)- my family, well - not experts, not even novices with this thing called communication! Boy do i have some stories... - oy, what i will eventually have to go thru myself with my own kid...

anyway, some of the feedback to the video and article talk of this and some simply say - this is why abstinence is the best, excuse me? if it was the best route would we be having this conversation..

okay, there is my second rant of the day.

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  1. This kind of stuff doesn't work with teenagers anymore. Did it even work when we were teenagers? My idea of the first response of a teenager would be "whatever I'm going to look HOT in the delivery room, unlike that skank."

    On the other hand, that video has now made me rethink having a baby on a football field, my original plan. Maybe it only works on people in their 30s who envision the YouTubing of their birthing experience?

    P.S. Message to teen pregnancy PSA people: teenagers don't have kids if they know there is free birth control available to them at all times. Which there is. Which nobody freaking knows. Maybe that would be a good commercial..


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