28 weeks - baby bump picture (finally)

2:40 PM

well..you asked for it.

Sunday is Father's day and cw has to work. my dad is also on a road trip to atlanta. hes been on the road for the past 4 days, i think. he also likes to text me with news- like what he sees on the road. which isnt much, unless you count sonics and a chick-fil-a, as news to write home to. anyhoot, Happy Father's day to all the papas (and papas to be) out there..cw says next year he'll celebrate it but not so much this year. i suppose its different for him, since even though baby wagner isnt here yet - im already a mother. having the opportunity to care and carry baby already, see and feel the changes that overtake me because of him. but still, i know cw's a father already too. after all when i cant and or neglect taking care of myself, hes there to take care of me. of us.

i bought cw a new daddy tshirt - it reads, the man behind the belly. i told him he could wear it as long as im not with him and at the baby shower. im trying to remember the father's day gifts we used to get (or make) for my dad when we were kids..usually we would get him a nose trimmer, as a joke gift of course (kind of). and one for christmas too (my dads birthday actually falls 2 days before christmas, so we cheat and get him a birthday gift but get a joke gift on christmas or vice versa) but usually we would make him a special card and go play golf or something..i wish we had taken more pictures when we were kids. anywyays..have a great weekend peeps.

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