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8:51 AM

So yesterday i had my glucola test/glucose screening but since i had been suffering headaches the past few days, i was not feeling up to it - or really up to going to work. and also add not much sleep due to never being in a comfortable enough position to fall asleep - i called in sick. lately i just havent been feeling all that well, as ive said - ive been suffering from mild aches and pains (sometimes not so mild), fatigue and recently headaches - at first i was writing it off as stress related and perhaps third trimester symptoms. however, my blood test yesterday showed that i have a mild anemia - which would explain all the nasty symptoms ive been is not uncommon with pregnant women to suffer anemia. Pregnancy tends to cause iron deficiency and because of its symptoms can be masked by the same symptoms of pregnancy which include fatigue, headaches, shortness of breath, dizziness or light-headedness, weakness, poor concentration, irritability, and more.

And so you'd just write it off as being pregnant when you feel tired, irritable or have a headache. I've had several blood tests previously and yesterdays was the first time the anemia popped up - but it totally makes sense since my diet has shifted a bit.

anyway, im rambling...i ordered my supplements online thru - our birth class instructor recommended the site and so far ive purchased a few other items - like a homeopathic remedy for my sleeplessness (coffea cruda). we'll see how it goes. oh and thankfully, i dont have gestational diabetes..the orange soda you have to drink for the test reminded me of the fake juice you give to kids - which obviously is not good. on another note, it wasnt till this past monday during our weekly birth class that it hit me - im going to be a mother, i am going to have a baby and pretty soon i might add! i know, i know..what have i been thinking/doing these past 7 months? i mean i know that im pregnant, i know this..and ive been preparing but after watching one of the videos in class - it just hit me..i wanted to cry and be weird about it - it was like this amazing feeling that just overtook me, kind of like an epiphany but not.

oh and i found this site, thank goodness i went to a small enough school that everyone was strange and or different and it was ok. so harassment was kept to a minimal.

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