7:00 AM

I was bored and it being our lazy sunday, i had cw open up the first gifts baby wagner ever got. first up was the pack n play from sweet lady s and to my delightful surprise found that it also has a handy dandy bassinet feature. so we can definitely place this next to our bed for a sort of co-sleep function or to frighten the kid, as cw demonstrates in the photo. the kid being our stuffed owl at the moment. next up was the car seat n stroller set that his mom got us. though the directions werent entirely clear, cw managed. and its a pretty awesome set. i think baby owl liked it a lot, it even came with the, you know, thingy for smaller babies like newborns to fit in snuggly, kind of.

after much excitement it was off to make more homemade jam, this time a mixed variety - strawberries, peaches and plums oh my!

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  1. I know that I met your husband before I met you and therefore should have some loyalty to him, but he is totally frightening! Don't let him near the baby!!

  2. Uh, oh maybe I better read up on Daddy so I know what you're talking about :-)

    Hey, at least he's helping!


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