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this past weekend was the first time i felt utterly uncomfortable with my pregnant self. the sides of my hips are so sore as if i had played back to back rugby tournaments like I was back in college or something. its also much harder to sleep at night because no position is comfortable. all the pillows i have bother cw but they arent much comfort to me anyway. the only time i can get some rest is during the day with naps, but then im awake till almost dawn sometimes. And last night some idiot was permanently honking his horn as he drove hastily by around our block. three times. it was probably around 4 am or so. I could hear him faintly in the distance and louder as he got closer. THREE TIMES.

its a strange sensation. i can feel that my pelvis is opening and or moving to make way for this baby. i can feel the changes of my body reflect the fact that i am growing a human being inside of me that in less than 100 days, will be wanting out of me. WOW, 100 days! is that right? i know my new little ticker over there says, what? 96 days or something?

anyway, all i can do is complain and try and stretch out the pains but nothing really helps. cw tries to help with his wisdom, but it sometimes makes it worse for me cause its not the same as a sport injury or when someone throws their back or anything like that..i know this feeling, this soreness won't really go away until the birth or something. and no matter how many exercises or stretches i do, it won't take the pain or soreness away. though it may help it lessen but it wont make it go away entirely. its just my body adjusting and doing what it needs to do, what its required to do - it kind of just doesnt give a fuck if i like it or not. its just something i have to learn to deal with. pregnancy is surprising, there is never one thing you expect or can truly prepare for, such as life and defintely parenthood...

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