too cool for baby

10:31 AM

cw is a fanatic when it comes to those too cool for school type tees (personally, they can irritate the shit out of me - douches who sport the shit while already passed their 30's. i mean you add that and a trucker hat, tight jeans, and aviator sunglasses? im sorry but douches need to know they aint no johnny knoxville..however, i will admit - cw looks mighty fine just dressed in these tees and some vintage levis slacks, especially when he has a five o clock shadow, but then again he isnt a douche so my hatred really isnt towards him and his chosen wardrobe - its towards the wannabe ashton kutchers and what nots, wait, is ashton still cool?...anyways). I mean he has drawers and drawers full of them. seriously. no, really, you should come to our house. the fool has more clothes than i do. so its only natural that our little one would be in danger of wearing one of these himself, but dude - they are so are a few i liked:

okay so maybe the owl one was more for me..i love the onesie hoodie! there's onesie hoodies?? awesome. ..oh and here are more:

but i think we'll just settle on plain ones and maybe make our own designs..these things are like $20 each or more! and they grow out of them sooooo quickly!

you can find the above items here and here and for the rockabilly babies out there - here. and here are some cute simple ones for less than $20.

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  1. Dude. I have to have that hooded onsie too! Nice find!


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