30 weeks

8:06 AM

im almost 30 weeks (this saturday), which means in about 8 weeks i start my maternity leave (which means at about 10 weeks, i would have reached my due date!!). oh and remember that exam i was talking about putting a heavy burden on me? well, i PASSED it! woo hoo..although up until this morning, it still didnt feel real or right. like i was gonna get an email stating that there had been some kind of mistake and a malfunction with the computers caused some who failed to erroneously receive a passing score. seriously. this is perhaps why i was still having my headaches and still kind of feel like crap. but this morning i received this short but sweet confirmation:


Your results for the following exam have been posted:

Exam Type: LEED-NC

Test Date: 6/30/2009

Eligibility ID: 1XXXXXXXX

Result: Passed

Congratulations on your accreditation!


Woo hoo, now i can go off on our mini vacay happily! My family is throwing me a baby shower on the 4th and it will be so hot down in LA - that i cant wait to go swimming and eat myself some lechon (roasted suckling pig), oh and see my family and friends..and you're invited, just come on over and bring a towel and an empty stomach, don't worry there are other more traditional (normal) dishes if youre scared of that sort of stuff..

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