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So we picked up our birth tub and apparently they said there is a slight leak, but it was either that or take one that the heater was broken and wait for the part that may come at the end of this month and that tub was the inflatable kind - which is the one i am more familiar with seeing. dont know which is best really.

It's actually called a -5 feet SPA-N-A-BOX:

Here is how they market it - (obviously not for birthing! but i guess it works. I rented it from birthways - and dude, its like $250 for however long we need it i guess.)

Bubble away your Troubles!

The SPA-N-A-BOX portable spa is designed with state of the art technology plus innovations making it the first totally portable spa. It easily fits into those hard to get to locations – both indoors & out! Now you can treat yourself to a soothing,hydro-therapeutic massage anytime you want.

Key Features

* Sets Up in Under 15 Minutes.
* Take It Anywhere
* Roomy and Comfortable
* Superior Quality
* Energy-saver insulated panel design
* Ultra-Strong Liner
* Superior Quality (1000 sold Worldwide)
* Great energy efficiency
* No tool Assembly (under 20 min)
* Fantastic massage action

Soft Locking Insulated Cover


Turbo Wave Massage Action

Our 127 micro jets erupt in a soothing, invigorating hydro massage. A 1hp turbo air blower forces air and water through 127 micro jets; that flow from your lower back all the way up your spine & over your shoulders.You will not find this action in spas that cost thousands of dollars more. (apparently babies may not like this jet action as it may be too loud for them to bare - as told to me by the birthways lady who thought I should be aware of this. it makes sense, everything would be amplified but im sure it would be muffled but none the less startling..but lucky for me this baby has not jumped to any loud noises or was ever startled by cw's violent sneezing at times.)


The SPA-N-A-BOX plugs into any 110V outlet (220 available). No tools needed for assembly and no special plumbing or wiring is required.

More great features

* Super tuff reinforced liner is made of the same material used in whitewater rafts.
* With an automatic thermostatically controlled stainless steel heater & super insulated panels 2 inch thick to trap the heat. This spa is always hot & ready to go 24/7.
* Soft locking insulated cover is included. An optional hard cover is available.

Well, we'll see how it goes..I think i will set it up this weekend and try it out and also figure where the leak is.

so about the inflatable birth pools. in my opinion they are very very similar to the kiddie pools we are all familiar with, like this one: Aquarium Pool (as seen on

Aquarium Pool
- for water birth!

60" x 23"
100 gallons

Three rings with three small air valves.

And you wanna know how much this birth pool costs? a measily $28 thats what!!!! what the hell was I thinking? thats the cost for me to own this supposed birth pool not even rent it because my $250 i spent on my tub, was just so i can rent the damn thing. And who wouldnt want to own a kiddie pool? I mean, once its cleaned and all after the birth of course. I guess part of me was like - well maybe this isnt the right time to be cheap, like i always am? who am i kidding. but with the $250, i get a heated pool, with jets if i want and with the inflatable kind you have to find a way to heat it and keep the temperature, so yeah this is what i tell myself. and after all, the other birth tubs that our midwives suggested were at the cost of $375 to rent, so i kind of saved some money, right? right?? arrgghhh...

If you've never seen a water birth, and would like to (you would? really? well if not, avert your eyes) then check out these youtube videos (and yes,some of these videos are graphic and contain nudity and blood - all part of the process people!):

also here is a water birth story

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  1. Dude! I have been so interested in water births but have not really done much research on it yet. Then finally, yesterday I had my 24 week doc apt and I asked about it. Guess what my doctor said...
    She said, "Water births are illegal in Colorado." All the birthing rooms in my hospital have jaccuzi tubs, but delivery in them is illegal. Interesting, no? Good thing I asked. Cuz I was wanting to try it.


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