Cloth diapers

11:34 AM

So as I have mentioned before, we will be using cloth diapers. but to my horror - there are soooo many kinds to choose from. which ones the best? Which one is also the most economical? i hear most leak and some just seem so uh, bulky.

so as I was surfing the net to find reviews and what not, i found a how to make your own cloth "all-in-one" type diaper. But of course! why didnt I think of this possibility before? oh wait, cause im lazy! but i found some easy to follow instructions (fyi: i actually do better with pictures than with words, since well - i never really follow directions.

If you are interested check these out:

Free cloth diaper patterns
Fitted cloth diaper pattern

So i didnt go to work yesterday, just cause lately in the wee small hours of the morning and then the actual morning when i have to get up to go to work, i have been feeling icky and crampy and utterly bleh. oh and last night was the first time in all my pregnancy, that i had to get up like 6 or 7 times to pee and i peed not like prostate trouble kind of pee, but actual pee pee. yes, i know i cant have prostate trouble but you know what i mean. our next midwife check up will include a cervix check, to see if ive dilated or effaced any. WHOA right!? cause like that means, you know, this baby is almost ready to be here. amazing.

baby is still consistently and constantly moving. its fun when he actually reacts to my pushing back. freaky, but neat none the less. cw one morning wrapped a set of headphones around my belly and played some music but it didnt seem like it affected him much. will have to try it out in the afternoon or at night when he is actually more active.

well thats about it for now. im still in the process of rearranging the nursery so when im finally satisfied with that, ill post some pictures.

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