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11:44 AM

yesterday on the bus, on my way home a woman sits next to me talking on her cell phone loudly (is there any other way?). I am sitting next to the window and her by the aisle. My stop is coming up, I clearly make a scene as if to say - hey lady, look out I will be getting off at the next stop. I shuffle a bit, press the stop button, gather my bag and prepare to get up. does the lady move over or get up to let me thru? no, of course not. she is still too busy talking loudly on her celly. the bus finally does stop and im like all right lady, im coming thru. i guess she hadnt realized i was a huge annoyed pregnant woman trying to get off the bus. does she move? NO. so instead, she gropes my ass as to shield herself from my big pregnant ass falling on top of her, i suppose. i really do not understand why the fuck she could not even just swing her damn legs over so i can get off. and by the way, its on ac transit on one of the higher seats, so there is a platform i have to get off of before making it to the actual aisle. ugh, i hate people.

and this morning, i told work i would be coming in at 9 instead of 8. i didnt sleep much (what's new?) and was feeling achy and crampy this morning. i rush to catch the bus and actually made it on time to get the earlier one and right at 40th & broadway, a technician gets on the bus and holds up the bus to fix the fare machine for like 20 minutes or so. and im thinking to myself, damn it - i could have made myself breakfast and caught the later bus. this would of course only happen to me.

I am so ready to not have to go to work anymore. i cant believe i thought i could last all the way up to my due date. really cherlyn, really? kudos to those who do! but i want to throw in the towel and enjoy lazy days and get sleep before all of it changes. 1 more week!

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