7:26 PM

we had a midwife appointment last friday in which my midwife was concerned and so today she stopped by to check up on baby wagner. little choo choo chugged away at his normal but high 160 bpm, and then within seconds it became elevated and jumped passed 200 bpm. like he had done the last visit which caused our midwife's concern and interest. today she said, make an appointment with kaiser and dont stress over it but obviously it sounds worrisome when i am saying go to kaiser and get checked on. but she said because we want to achieve a home birth, we want to err on the side of caution. so, i will be strapped to one of these doo hickeys above and they will monitor the baby for at least an hour. she fully expects kaiser to be all - your midwife is being silly, everything is fine...and i really hope that is the case.

I tried to get an appointment online, which is the nice thing about kaiser (probably about the only thing) - you have access to your records and can schedule and email your dr. all online. it kept giving me appointments with other doctors i had or apparently have but never my ob. so i call member services and schedule an appointment. the woman couldnt pronounce my ob's name and kept spelling it out instead - oh-gee-a-double u-a, while i'm saying- ogawa after she does this, and yet she continues spelling it out. anyway, she says there aren't any immediate appointments available and she will have to write an email to the office. i can hear her type away frantically then says they will contact me within 2 business days. i do have an already scheduled appointment with kaiser on the 8th so...but then my midwife calls me to check up and see what kaiser said and i told her - well, they haven't gotten me an appointment. so she tells me - if you dont get one tomorrow, i want you go into the er. of course, now im stressed.

so by this time, im a little on edge and i get online and this time i click urgent appointment - and got an appointment with my ob for 10 am tomorrow. i also asked cw to be there with me, luckily he has the later shift and will rearrange his other obligations that morning.

i hope it all goes well. i'll keep you updated.

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  1. I hope everything is going o.k.! Whatever that may mean for you...


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