romantic notions of breastfeeding

12:38 PM

so, as i was eating my breakfast i tuned in to watch a bit of 16 and pregnant, life after labor with dr. drew. (yes, i know, i know - but seriously there was nothing else on at the time) and what appalled me was dr. drew not encouraging breastfeeding. an audience member asked the young women why they chose not to breastfeed. and they gave answers such as - well i tried for a week or it just hurt, your engorged and which dr. drew was excited to say - yes, its hard. its not like the romantic notion of breastfeeding everyone has in their heads. and while he said this, he made some sort of weird and creepy facial expression and threw out his finger quotes on top of it for the quote unquote, romantic notion part. he stated it hurts and that you also have to have a cooperative baby. it was like he was saying - formula is best because you really want to save your breasts. its just too hard, so why bother? he never mentions any of the benefits of breastfeeding and never asks the young women if they received any support or lactation consulting. of course, he doesnt even have breasts himself, just nipples for there you go. but i know it is difficult. my mom never breastfeed but i also dont think she was ever encouraged to. so not being able to breastfeed (like never having a supply) is one of my fears or that it will be too hard and ill be discouraged but i hope not to be. our midwives are also lactation consultants, which is another reason why we chose them.

anyways, okay i should get ready - heading out to the city to meet up with cw's friends who are visiting from denver AND also expecting a baby girl early next year. and yes, i will get off my lazy ass and post some pictures up - tomorrow, no really - i will...try.

oh yeah and DUDE - FIVE, count em - on one hand no less - FIVE DAYS till my edd...and i really doubt he will arrive on that day but i cant believe that elusive day is almost here. i cant believe it has been 10 months..and you know what? my hair has not grown one bit. its still at that same length when i was like 9 weeks pregnant and had a haircut!!! oh and my belly button is sort of still intact. i suppose i have a very very deep innie, so it probably wont ever pop out. i have a lot of discoloration under my arms and my neck and a LOT of skin stretchmarks though (great, i think i might have just jinxed myself) except a wee bit on the tops of my thighs that just appeared a few weeks ago. and my tattoo is fine. thank god! oh and um, gulp - i gained a total of 50 lbs.

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  1. I asked my mom why she didn't breast feed, and she said she never wanted to and also (as an aside really) that she worked so she thought it would be difficult, but I think really she thought it was icky because she was taught to think that way. Sad. But I turned out OK. No big health problems (knock on wood). Good luck with the last 5 days (and maybe more)!

  2. You will have enough milk! don't worry. and the pain, if you have it, passes. We are excited for you and Charles!..


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