Welcome Jax!

12:12 PM

well, considering I am such a slacker and am often running late, we were all surprised that Jax came into this world right on schedule at exactly his estimated due date of September 12th 2009.

We welcomed Jackson "Jax" Charles Wagner, @ 7.5lbs, 20 inches born on Saturday @ 10:30 am in the comfort of our home. I apparently labored thru an unexpected and boisterous thunderstorm, since you know i was busy, I hadn't even noticed.

We are resting and in good health. Thank you to everyone who lent there support and sent their prayers and well wishes. I will try and post the birth story soon. I just hope I can remember it all!

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  1. Congratulations to both of you! Jax looks happy and healthy. Enjoy every moment!

  2. He's beautiful!! Can't wait to read the whole story, but so glad to hear everyone's healthy and happy.
    Love, Maianna (& Nima)

  3. looking very forward to the birth story! Congratulations!

  4. can we have an update please? not that you're busy or anything...


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