Daily 10

8:37 PM

I have been meaning to write my birth story, yes i know i keep promising..but i havent gotten the chance nor the time to put it all together. i actually had started writing it in my head and even thought of a great post to put up (it happened last night and it was really good but i was in the middle of nursing so..yeah. it feels like i am always in the middle of nursing) on my regular blog and i told myself to retain as much of it as i could remember. unfortunately i couldnt remember anything now that i have the time and the chance to.

anyway..daily 10 - 10 new or old things, random or not or whatever - yes its just cause i needed to post something, right amy?

1. people with desk jobs who think they multitask - have no idea what they are talking about. not until they have tried to breastfeed a newborn in one hand, while putting on your clothes, using the bathroom, making yourself breakfast or lunch and read the news/watch tv while trying to scarf down the food you just made in enough time without disturbing the baby. also, i have gotten pretty good at typing with one hand when necessary.
2. i now watch tv shows online or on my phone and keep up with people thru facebook mobile.
3. sleep: we were once napping and i thought i heard something outside and downstairs to which i thought - is someone breaking in? then quickly thought - i dont care. right now jax is sleeping, so i am sleeping before he decides it is no longer nap time (and i had just fed him and put him down!)
4. jax always gets me at his pretend naps. he will be out like a rock in my arms after nursing. a little rocking action before putting him down and yay, hes asleep. for like 10 minutes...no, hes asleep again..wait no, hes not, wait, YES! nope now hes angry and he wants more boob?? we go at this for awhile then he spits up, then wants more and then he is finally asleep and then i just lay there staring at how cute he is rather than sleeping - damn it, he got me. i love this kid, but im biased.
5. my outfits have consisted of just wearing my nursing bra and yoga pants and putting my hair in a ponytail. and to think, i used to consider myself a fashionista of sorts.
6. when i get the time to shower, i try and pack in some yoga and belly dance techniques - this is my fitness routine at the moment.
7. i still look as if im about 4 months pregnant.
8. i drink an awful amount of water. and im not usually a water drinker.
9. jax is finally asleep for a long bit! so im able to type with both hands.
10. and on that note, i think i should eat something, using both hands!

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  1. Oh man. I am so nervous. Am I going to lose my mind? But maybe, since Jax was "super mellow" in utero and now always awake.. maybe my crazy hyper in-utero girl will sleep a lot when she is born. We shall see.....

  2. Hmm I still look 4 months pregnant too and my kid is 4 months old. ugh. Jax has THE cutest facial expressions. I'll bet you can sit there and stare at him all day!

  3. soooooo CUTE!!!!!!


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