2:10 PM

yes, i still havent posted my birth story but with help from another blogger i have a really good start on it. anyway, as i sit here typing with one hand and trying to get jax to not only nap but to stay napped for at lest an hour. ok, ill be satisfied with a measly 30 mins. i was looking at some youtube videos - hey man you have to keep yourself entertained when the kid practically nurses ALL the time and there is only so much of my singing the baby can take. luckily he cant call cps to say ive been torturing him with my motown renditions. anyways, there was this one video of a filipino mother and son - 2 mos. old and theyre conversing in tagalog - its cute. and one of the comments was - she isnt speaking english how is it supposed to understand?


so..jax is one month old today and if i am able to put him down for a bit i could take and post a new picture...i'll update this when cw gets home - hopefully.

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  1. You wrote that in English. How am I supposed to understand?


Oooooh, I love me some comments. Thank you.

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