sleepless in oakland

10:29 AM

right now i should be enjoying my one hour uninterrupted nap, since i asked cw to please take the baby. and i said that endearingly, really i did. but unfortunately the stupid ghetto birds are flyin up above and making a whole hullabaloo like a crazy crack fiend looking for their next fix.

so, ive been quite cranky lately, which cw can attest to. we've even gotten into a few arguments. and it all boils down to this = im a mother. and being a mother, you cant turn it off. not to say you can turn off being a father but, there are certain perks a father enjoys that a breast feeding mother cant. so, in order to not be under attack from a cranky partner (me). i thought id make a list for a go to remedy of my crankiness. but you see, if he had read those parenting books i got a long time ago, he would have found a few tips before ever needing any type of solution. sure we're all in this together, right? and by together i mean you should suffer from lack of sleep just as much as i am. im kidding. ok, no not really. ive heard from other mothers, okay i read it in their blogs. what helps them so here are suggestions to other new parents if you so need some solutions:

it would be nice if you could do this for your partner (like me!) ever so often, so that she doesnt go crazy on you, the baby and your relationship: give her at least 1-3 hours "off" at least once a day, or even twice a week (or more would be great). so that she has time to and for herself for whatever she wants. that's it. its that simple. how do you do this is up to you. here are my suggestions:

1. pay attention to your baby's fussiness during the night and get up to tend to him or her. be the one to change his diaper - even if its 2 am and if your wife pumped, then let it be your turn to feed the baby, rock them back to sleep, and place them back to bed.
2. pay attention to your wife's fussiness. if she is extra cranky, take initiative and tend to the baby without being asked to. hang out with your baby without mommy for up to 3 hours, especially if the baby has nursed already. go for a walk, or just another room. just let her have some time to herself.
3. surprise her - with anything: a clean bathroom, or a clean kitchen, or all the dishes clean, a tidy living room, or bringing home take out for dinner. or simply when you get home, taking the baby from her.

remember she can't take a day off like you can or go out and do the things you do on a regular basis. even when you give her these precious few hours to herself, she is still thinking and perhaps worrying about the baby and its only naturally that even sometimes, after only an hour has passed - she wants to take the baby in her arms and snuggle and chomp on his cheeks..i mean you know, love him.

its nice when cw purposely asks to be cut early so he can come home and hang out with us, or when he puts aside his other commitments to stay an extra hour or two at home before he has to go to work just so we can all hang out or so i can eat. its the little things...i love you cw, and i know you are doing your best because you are the best. its all new to the both of us including lil jax and it just takes time to get into the groove of things.

okay my hour is up.

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  1. amen!

    p.s. liam has the same onesie jax is wearing in the first pic and it is one of my favorites.

  2. It's not easy, is it? Any plans to start bottle feeding breast milk? i know Minkz learned some baby soothing tricks from the book, "Happiest Baby on the Block". I wish we were closer, so we could help out

  3. I also second happiest baby on the block!

  4. that was one of the has the shhhing down, but not exactly from reading the book itself.


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