two months

6:03 PM

well, today would have been a great day if it werent for the well baby visit with shots involved PLUS cw suffering from a major allergy attack that started late last night/early morning...

though im happy to report that jax is now 11lbs 9.8 oz, and 23.5 ins long. his head stayed relatively the same. dont know if thats good or bad. we also decided on only 2 shots (traditionally, it would have been at least 4) - DTap (diptheria, tetanus, and pertussis or whooping cough) and PCV (pneumococcal conjugate, for "protection" against the bacterium of serious infections, including pneumonia, blood infections, and bacterial meningitis). we are delaying Hep B as well as the HIB and Polio vaccines and opted NOT to even do the rotovirus (whic is an oral vaccine), since jax isnt in day care and wont be, so exposure rate is low. contracting it would actually not kill him but would definitely not be great (its a virus that affects your tummy so vomiting and a fever would occur) but all in all, he would survive.

jax did well. he did cry, but once he was in our arms he calmed down and was all sleepy. he even fell and stayed asleep while I was wearing him. ME?! he usually will conk out with cw but never with me.

cw is probably doing worse than jax is at this point and because of it we decided to buy an air purifier and after cleaning windows - we may opt to buy a dehumidifier as well, since i notice condensation every morning which can lead to mold issues. im less sensitive and dont suffer from serious allergies (although my mom did and i know how it is or at least what it looks like - not fun), but right now, even i have itchy eyes and am not feeling 100% either.

okay, time for me to tend to my boys:

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