penny for your thoughts

12:42 PM

went for a lunch/play date with penny but unfortunately jax wasnt turning up the charms, but hes learning. the day before this visit we had gone to see another one of our new parent friends who has a 4 week old boy named jasper, and we were like - wow, hes so much smaller than jax. and now seeing jax next to penny - WOW, he is so much smaller. the last time we saw penny was when she was 5 weeks old and now shes 7/8 months old! and she is even cuter and cuddlier in person. penny seemed very intrigued by my small lil guy, but since jax really couldnt do much, she tired of him easily. theres a video but you hear the moms in the background talk about pumping and the adjustment to a work schedule and so on and so forth - kinda boring stuff...unless you find that stuff interesting. but i hate my voice so until i can edit that portion out, these photos will have to do. thanks dawn for lunch and the company! i cant wait for jax to get older so they can interact with each other more.

i am so thankful that there are other mamas out there that i can look to and ask advice from and know that im not alone, that i am understood even if i talk crazy sometimes. its pretty cool to have friends all becoming parents and around the same time. its also a little weird, because not that long ago, we all partied and partied hard!

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  1. You mean I'm not allowed to party hard again when this thing is outa me? Damnit! (j/k) - JV


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