Monday, Monday Can't trust that day

1:42 PM

Oh Monday morning, you gave me no warning of what was to be...Sunday night at around 11:30 pm, all of us tucked in and Jax finally not so squirmy and was off to dreamland when I heard outside of our windows - beep beep beep..I'm assuming a truck was driving in reverse. And then all at once I pictured, from the sounds of it, a few trucks parking themselves out at our street and East Bay MUD working on the damn water main AGAIN. And from the sounds of some other jack hammer type equipment I thought - damn it EBMUD, I better have water when i wake up in the morning so i can shower and start my work week right. oh wait, i dont even do that, so thats ok. but alls i know is, it BETTER be quiet by midnight. was it? i cant remember.

ahh the mom brain. I have caught cw a few times infected with mom brain. even today, when i forgot my pump (yep) so he had to drive back and drop it off, he also brought with him some food for me and off they were to go to the city. but oops, he then had to drive back because he forgot to give me my food. only thing is - he did actually give me my food. he just didnt remember.

this morning as i begrudgingly woke up after snoozing my alarm 3 times, i grabbed my black sweater and then placed it on a chair to put my jeans and t-shirt on. when i went to put on the sweater - i could not for the life of me find it anywhere. i mean, i KNOW i just had it and i KNOW i placed it right here on the chair. wtf? i spent a good 30 minutes thinking and feeling like i was crazy. did i ever find it? yes. where did i find it? downstairs on the sofa. turns out, whatever i had in my hand this morning was NOT my black sweater but a black piece of clothing, of which i have so many.

our bedtime routine has always included a bath for jax and usually we are in the bath tub with him. last night i had to do bath time alone and luckily for me (us) he enjoys bath time and is never squirmy or fussy. I had always wondered, how he never manages to poo in the tub, pee sure. and yeah, there was a near miss that one time he just let it loose on his dads pants right before entering the tub. well, i dont wonder anymore cause last night as we were finishing up the bath, he let a fart bubble out and it was the funniest thing until i realized i saw floaty things and i lifted him up and sure enough. so i quickly took him out of the tub but then i got scared that doing so i would slip or something (this is why two people are always better than one) and so i quickly sat back down to get a better stance and as i got up i freaked out cause i noticed that the big dollup of poop was gone..shit, where did it go?????? and then i thought, well, if its in my hair, i would smell it right? gross, i know, but when you become a parent, you'll understand. you will become desensitized to a whole slew of things.

a few things that will change once you become a parent:

1. you become a morning person. it does not mean you will like it.
2. you now have the best excuse to bail out of almost anything.
3. you can legally use the carpool lane (in SF though, its 3 persons, so when you are all together - woo hoo, free and not as long of a line. sometimes)
4. while on parental leave and the first few weeks back at work - you will forget what day of the week it is. days will merge.
5. your memory will become worse and at times you will think you are crazy. i totally understand why my parents were so dense at times!

And a shout out:

CONGRATULATIONS TO JENNY & BRETT, who welcomed a baby girl.

ok, i gotta go pump!! you know, i have like 3 posts half written - one about a clogged milk duct (yes, it was awful), our thanksgiving drive to LA, and one about the first week of work. Not in that order of course..but we shall see if it ever gets posted. and damn it - cw, is supposed to put something up but then again he is busy ;)

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