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as you can see, i am trying to reconfigure the site, and as it stands right now - i dont like the looks of it, but i have no time to snazz it up. ok, im lazy, sorry. anyways, supposedly there will be a post up soon by the other author on this site. you may remember him? he is the other culprit of jax's existence and he had a couple of posts here long long ago bk (before kid) when i was just prego.

anyway, i wanted to share my pumping arsenal and schedule. that is, when i remember to pump. wait, how do i not remember right? believe me, my boobs give me hell when i procrastinate too long, but at work, i even forget to eat sometimes! tsk tsk, i know. and its not cause i get caught up on such important matters, but again its partly cause im lazy. eh, im even too lazy to explain it right now..anywayszzz..

My arsenal:
1. Medela Freestyle pump. Its a pump that my work kindly bought me. I had a different pump that worked just as well from my cousin, a pump in style, that already comes in a bag. but this freestyle one is compact and is more travel friendly.
2. at least 2 bottles and a dozen or so storage bags
3. magazines - this is pretty essential since, im pumping for at least 15 minutes but then i get anxious since hello - im still doing it in the private bathroom. thats sounds dirty in so many levels.

damn it, well, i would have more to post but work is actually demanding me to, well, work.

more to come..and hopefully, cw will put up a proper post when he has time today.

oh but if you are interested in some milk production others are doing, i stumbled on this site. although, his kid is now 6 years old, but they seemed pretty thorough on how they set up their milk supply and the trials and error of said production. check it out.

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