so it happened...

3:10 PM

I started writing out this post yesterday which had been in my head for quite sometime:

I know I've been neglecting the blog lately by not posting any actual updates and instead just post pictures and or videos. cut me some slack, i work full time, am managing a breast feeding/pump schedule and nursing while trying to keep the house in order. Also, its hard to write about updates because when you do, its like tempting the universe to laugh at you and shove a pie at your face. Jax is nearly 4 months old! my golly gosh, its amazing. So far, he is, gulp, dare i say it? - sleeping through the night. from 10PM until 6/7AM. We are still co-sleeping, because i can nurse in bed while im still half asleep and he usually never really wakes up but he still likes to snack in the middle of the night/morning . so yeah, once i hit publish post, he will never sleep again, and or shove a pie in my face. oh didnt i tell you? hes got the hand eye coordination thing down. lets see what else can i tempt the universe with?

so now...last night...IT happened - he didnt sleep thru the night and i didnt even have to hit publish. ahh change...its good right? yeah not if youve been up since 4 am and then have to work a full 8 hours and be stuck in an office away from what you really want to be doing....could it be a growth spurt? i sure hope so.

in other news he is getting to be a funny little man. he has only laughed out loud twice - once in the bath with me, and the other with cw but we both dont know what triggered it, so we cant for the life of us replicate it to hear that sweet sound again (he has been laughing out loud in his sleep since he was a month old). jax has also started to squeal and scream. though not while crying thank god! well, there are times when he does do a major orange alert cry - screaming bloody murder, but thankfully it is rare. i just tempted the universe again, didnt i? he also is now into kind of biting and chewing your face and at things. signs he maybe on the way to teething soon. he sits up with help and can scoot while on his tummy and a few times he has rolled onto his back but isnt quite there yet.

anyway, cw and jax are at yoga today while im stuck at, ahem, work, you know, working (blogging)?

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  1. Such a handsome little guy.

  2. yes, he is- keeps getting cuter and cuter. good luck on the laughing quest- the other day i made liam hysterical with the tv remote control. ? its definitely random. don't you wish you knew what was going on in that little head?

  3. in that last picture he has the sweetest little face.

    i know what you mean about not wanting to write anything or say anything out loud in fear of jinxing it!!!!!!!!!!


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