bath time

1:23 PM

around 9 pm - we start our bedtime routine which consists of a warm bath, a baby massage and reading from a book. we top it off with a little boob juice nightcap. he's usually off to dreamland by 10:30.

last night before starting the bath, we had a little playtime. i finally figured out how to get him to laugh out loud! then, i realized he was trying to illicit my laughter and not the other way around, at least thats what it seemed like to me. best times for sure. oh, and of course i tried to record it on video and i sat there like an idiot holding the camera thinking it was recording, when in fact the memory was full. epic fail.

until next time...

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  1. These pictures are so darling. Am I an old lady for saying darling? Love the finger in the mouth I'm cute look!

  2. He looks so innocent. I am laughing at the strategically placed tug boat.

  3. love him! dang, he gets to party till late night..


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