Denver, part 1

10:54 PM

i think my aunt is right, perhaps jax will be a bully when he gets older. when we were in denver we met Liam, my best friend's nephew and one of the babies we follow on the blogosphere. and jax was SUPER excited and i mean SUPER, so much so that he squealed and screamed with delight. ALOT. this made the adults laugh, but liam was not feelin it. He of course just woke up from a nap. you would cry too. i mean, waking up at a different place than where you fell asleep at and waking up to a squealing smaller baby with a bunch of strangers is probably a little discombobulating. Sorry Liam.

here is a sampling of jax's wrath:

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  1. love it. liam watched the second video and didn't cry this time. maybe he's getting over his fear of tiny adorable squealing babies.


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