not again!

12:03 PM

so yesterday morning at around 4:58 am, I awoke to a familiar painful feeling - clogged milk ducts. this can't be, not again! yep sure enough it was. I started to panic. well because im lazy. i didnt want to run downstairs and wash out and put together the pump stuff and pump. i wanted to go back to sleep. you think i would have already learned my lesson from past experiences and not waited or hesitated, but i did. it was 5 am! everyone was asleep - including me! and that is a hard feat in and of itself. So, it was pretty obvious what i had to do. wake a sleeping baby! crazy, i know. jax was not waking up. here i am trying to force feed the kid, poking at him with my boob and nothing. absolutely nothing. he would stir and try to move away from me. pretty much trying to tell me - leave me alone, im sleeping. but sometimes he would clamp on (still half asleep, eyes closed) only to fall back to sleep sleep within seconds thus giving me no relief whatsoever. what was i to do? it just felt like it was getting worse and more painful as 8 am grew near. I hate to have to use being a mother as an excuse for not being able to show up to work. So instead of not going in at all, I decided to go into work late. But it was clear to me at about 9:48 am, that it was not getting any better. And since I hadnt been getting any rest, I decided to throw in the towel and take a sick day.

anyway, now im back at work, a little bit better but its still not completely gone. one thing is for sure - ive mastered the art of squirting, i mean, manual expression (which means i lose the milk though!) which helps to relieve the pressure/pain and move the clog along (at least for me). which actually works much better than the pump.

this weekend will be spent marathon nursing and resting. we were gonna go and spend super bowl sunday at penny's but its probably best that i rest and nurse instead. I dont want to have this when we go off to denver. the last time i had a bout with a clog, it took a full seven days to be completely gone! ouch.

will post some videos and pics of lil big jax soon.

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  1. boo for clogged boobs, yay for denver!

  2. ouch! that sounds awful, i don't know how you do it.

  3. you can always tell your husband to relieve you. does he like that sort of thing? is he willing?


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