12:30 PM

this is from denver. he was all bundled up. i think he had about 3 layers on here! he is of course a california kid.

Jax is almost 6 months old! WOW. half a year has gone by already and oh so fast. so far, Jax is able to sit up on his own (sort of). We usually sit by him when he does and I'm always trying to catch him when I think he is about to keel over but he usually never does. he just corrects himself and manages to wobble back to a stable upright position. he hasn't quite mastered rolling around (whenever i say roll over, i just think of dogs, so roll around it is) which is probably only good for us and not so much for him, seeing how we are still co-sleeping. he still likes to babble and squeal in excitement and his bedtime is now at 8 pm. we start the bedtime/bathtime routine around 7:15. we adjusted to this time completely naturally. and by naturally, i mean by way of a meltdown. on that meltdown night i was only able to put a diaper on him (sorta. it was half falling off) and nothing else. he just wanted to nurse and sleep, but sleep he did. he always manages to wake up with a smile at around 7:15 in the morning. every morning. he doesnt get that he/we can sleep in on the weekends. we are basically on a reverse cycle, where he takes in fewer bottles of milk during the day and sorta waits to be attached to me when i get home. and, well i kinda like it. its our time together and since we co-sleep, its easier on me this way. i do manage to get some sleep.

We have also started to introduce solid foods, although we're pretty bad at being consistent. On the weekends it is much easier to incorporate the solid foods but cw is, I hope, trying to get in the habit of at least one feeding of solids during the week. We give him rice cereal for breakfast (with some breast milk of course) and for dinner a fruit or a veggie. He loves pears, doesnt care too much for bananas, likes avocados and is trying out carrots and yams.

ps. i've moved the growth stats onto its own page that will get updated regularly with his developmental milestones. or just what he/we are up to lately. i still need to post more stuff from our denver trip, hopefully i can get to it this weekend.

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  1. love the pic with baby and daddy looking at each other! looking forward to seeing all of you soon!


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