weekend update

1:39 PM

helping daddy with the laundry. he's pretty good at folding, isnt he?

got a new toy from auntie jenny (thanks! he loves it - i was trying to find it online to recommend it but no such luck)

he's learning to stop and smell the flowers, or rather just grabbing the pretty flowers and enjoying (destroying) it with his hands.

i still need to put up our photos from denver and write more regularly, sorry i was feeling a bit under the weather this weekend so a lot of the stuff on my to do list just didnt get done (which happens a lot, not the being sick part but the not getting done part). and for being sick, since im really good at ignoring my body's signals, i was able to fool myself into thinking i just had a bad sinus headache and skipped out on a lot of stuff that im sure cw would of rather had me do (like do yoga) and got in some naps (thanks cw & jax). we were able to tidy up the house over the weekend and the nursery room finally looks like a nursery room again (not that jax stays in there much) but by tomorrow it will all probably be in shambles again. oh well.

jax is becoming a great eater. most of the food stays in his mouth rather than everywhere else. but man, if someone was to have told me that his poop would be as stinky as it is because of the intro to solid foods - i would have waited much much longer to start. seriously. its like, dude - i often gag now when i have to change his #2 diapers. luckily, i dont have to often - HA - i mean, thanks cw.

today is his 6 month check up. we have bets going on how much he will weigh. i said 18lbs, figuring that at each check up he gains 2 lbs, but i forgot that he now eats solids! cw says he's about 20lbs. So, we'll see. oh and he gets his booster shots today too...wish us luck.

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