let's get this potty started right

7:41 PM

So...we both lost the bet. I would have won if I had checked the exact weight of his last check up visit. The nurse we had called it though. I liked her. She overheard cw talking on his cell phone telling whoever it was on the other line that he is a stay at home dad. So when i was undressing Jax, she was speaking to Jax and saying how her little one also spends time with his dad and how they get to have all the fun and mess and that when she gets home she's the lucky one who gets to clean it all up and still make dinner.

Jax was great as usual except of course when it came time to get the shots. the nurse who administered the shot was a lot better than the one we got at our last check up. i nursed him right before and right after. but this time he didnt conk out like he had done before. this time he was up and cheerful after nursing and was happy to look around while we walked home.

oh and also - Jax's doc said to start getting into the habit of putting him on a baby potty each morning. WHAT?! really? a potty? at 6 months? he said, since he is such a good sitter upper (not exactly in those words), yeah sure why not and the fact that we use cloth, it would be an "easy" enough transition. i think what he meant to say was - arent you guys hippies? you guys are crunchy like that right? - well, okay then. anyways. i was perplexed, albeit somewhat intrigued by the idea. so much so that when we got home i went to amazon and ordered a little baby bjorn potty.

fast forward to the day after we got the potty. i get a picture text message from cw of the potty. with poop and pee in it. i, of course, thought he was joking. i mean, come on, we had it for a day. cw is definitely pulling a fast one on me. then i thought, wait, he does not have the luxury to create such an elaborate scheme only to pull my leg and besides there was no more sweet potato food cubes to pull it off. i still texted him back and called bullshit. but no, it was real baby poo poo. it seems as if all my conversations these days are about poo poo. so, yeah, he goes pee and poo on his potty - but only when we actually are not lazy and remember to put him on it (we do it at least every morning when he gets up). but we still put him in diapers. like i said. we are lazy. now of course all this is without controversy, as is with a lot of parenting and child rearing issues. but if you think about it, its work you either do now or do later and later is when they can throw the poop back at you. on purpose.

if you want to read more about the controversy, go here. and here. and here is an article in the ny times.

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  1. I'm impressed! Looks like Lil' Jax might be a good candidate for EC... To me, it's not so much a debate as it is just something you choose to pursue, like cloth diapering. I wouldn't know where to start myself... But I think I will get a potty for Eve, too. Doesn't hurt!

  2. Crazy! Go Jax! I definitely don't think I could have the discipline to keep up with something like this, more power to ya!


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