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4:29 PM

i dont really expect you to watch them all, but i did only put the most interesting ones up (youre welcome). the last one is the most recent. as of this weekend he learned to do this thanks to cw. enjoy!

lunch time. i think this one was with yams (which means this was at least 2 or 3 weeks ago). we are now onto butternut squash. so far he hasn't not liked anything. yet.

jax, like all babies, does cry. even though our neighbors always comment on the fact that they never hear him, if he does. but he does.

this is how he gets when he's fighting off a sleepy spell. he never fails to do this when its time for his nap. if this doesnt happen, he usually just gets loud. as if to say - HEY MY MINIONS, it is high time you lull and sway me to sleep. you know how i like it. DO IT NOW. ah ah ah..bahhhh.....and so on.

we started making those typical hand to mouth noises for him and he caught on (whats the pc name for it?). learning how to do it for himself. i love how he grabs his other hand to do it.

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  1. Love! especially the crying one. sorry jax

  2. I love how these really give a sense of Jax's blossoming personality, and also of his and cw's very cute relationship... sahd are so much more glamorous than sahm!


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