for reals

3:00 PM

originally from Oh dee doh site:

Seriously? these are real products?? and people actually bought these.

These are just two of ten that were on the oh dee doh site. a medicine cup lined with sugar to make the medicine go down easier? now, couldn't you just dip the regular medicine cups that is usually comes with the medicine in sugar or pixie crack of some sort? honestly, sugar rimmed medicine cups? made by a pediatrician no less. and is it me, or do those "pee pee bottles" look like your average nalgene bottles? and really, i dont think one would want to advertise that youre carrying around your pee pee..or again, it could just be me.

i was thinking of a clever april fools joke to post but alas nope. none. fail. bleh. is it friday yet?

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