happy anniversary

3:15 PM

We celebrated our first wedding anniversary last night. cw lined up a babysitter - our lovely neighbors. who i just found out will be putting an offer on a house tomorrow - which makes us very sad. not because we are losing our potential occasional babysitter but because they are wonderful charming people to have right next door. we have another couple in our 4-plex who are also putting in their offer for a house. sigh..these couples are newlyweds so i guess it comes with the territory. you get married then you buy a house, then you have a kid..oh wait.  anyways..we decided to just stay in and enjoy dinner at home without the rush of having to tend to a 7 month old. except that we had to tend to our starving stomachs which were used to the normal rush  rush  rush (rush to get home and nurse or pump, rush to cook dinner and rush to eat) we typically experience once i get home from work. we enjoyed a beet & quinoa salad, seared scallops and steamed mussels in a white wine garlic sauce.

the above pictures are from the very day, two years ago - april 12th - of when we first met and went out on an undate. did i know two years ago that i would be with him today and for the rest of my life? no, not quite. but i did know that if i had wanted to spend that much time with someone i just met (we spent 10 hours together that day and i really didnt want the undate to end) he was at least a contender. but it wasnt long after that first - not as awkward as you would have thought - undate, that i knew he was more than just the contender..he was definitely the one.

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  1. Awww, that's sweet... Happy anniversary!

  2. Happy anniversary: that contender was sure fortunate to be smart enough to pick such a super woman to woo as you: and Jackson is fortunate to have two parents that are as fine as CL and CW.


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