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10:49 PM

I'm always worried (and terrified) that since Jax spends most of his days with his dad, that he will start to favor his dad over me. but each time i see him at the end of my work day, he always seems super excited to see me when we say hello after being apart for the day. it's something i  look forward to after a rough day at the office. 

he's getting so big now and becoming such a little boy right before our eyes :( . we think he will start crawling soon. hes been lunging at things, getting up on his knees (or trying to and teetering) and getting boo boos on his head. he never seems to sit still these days, especially when you try and put on his diaper or dress him. pretty soon we will have to baby proof our cluttery house (uh-oh). no teeth yet (and thats ok by me!). he's been eating more servings of solid food (this week its broccoli) and has had plain pasta, soba noodles, yogurt,  and his daddy's tortilla de patatas.

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  1. The last few are especially sweet. Soft chubby baby skin is the best.

  2. Awwww. Beautiful pictures!
    Okay, so, I feel the same way about Eve, except I'm the one with her all day! :) It's just that I remember how much I adoooooored my dad when I was a kid and he was the working one. I remember craving crumbs of attention from him (and he was a loving dad, just busy working)... But maybe there was a bit of Oedipus Complex in there. If that's the case, you're safe!


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