our lil squiggy

11:13 PM

i decided to actually brush jax's hair into the devil lock thing that charlie's friend said jax looks like he has naturally, but after seeing these he looks more like squiggy than the danzig thing..oh well.

this weekend's plans were sort of thwarted by me not feeling so well. we had planned to go camping and or at least go out for a day hike with my friend Roz..sigh, its hard being sick. for one, since im the only one working, i cant really take any time off from work (i started feeling sick Weds/Thurs). two, i can't take any cold or flu medicines to help me feel (at least somewhat) better because im still breastfeeding. and three, it just plain sucks when you dont feel good, right? especially, when you cough so much at night which wakes up the baby you just spent 30 mins trying to put to sleep.

despite being sick - it was a pretty good weekend. saturday, charlie woke up early and made us breakfast - a yummy fresh herb broccoli and green bean scramble. our neighbors came over to watch some of the world cup while i went and took a walk with jax in the mei tai carrier (where he actually napped a bit in). sunday, we actually slept in till about 10 am! and charlie took jax for a walk while i snoozed in some more (cause i had felt a whole lot worse today) and when they got home i made us brunch - eggs benedicts (one w/ salmon & one w/ bacon and home fries).

we also took apart jax's crib (that he never slept in) and put the crib mattress on the floor of his room. while we are not yet ready to transition him from our bed to his room, we're getting there. he moves around so much more now that he's mobile. i woke one night a few weeks ago and found him near the foot of our bed laying on charlie's leg! YIPES! our bedroom is not at all baby proof and really can't be (computer stuff/wires etc..) but his room finally is. we also decided, albeit a bit too late, to try out the kiddie pool my dad had bought us awhile back. jax loved it! the more he was in it the more comfortable and adventurous he became and crawled around. so maybe next time its hot out we'll invite some of jax's friends for a play date and have the kiddie pool out.

next weekend is 4th of July weekend and we are planning to drive up to Oregon and spend it on the farm again. are we crazy? perhaps, perhaps. well, wish us luck. this will be the longest road trip for jax. we are planning to go after dinner on friday night so he will (hopefully) be asleep for most of the trip.

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  1. Oh is Jax wearing the fleece I got him?!
    Anyways. Jax at the foot of the bed, oh my, I would have freaked! Good luck with the transition to his room. and congrats on getting your bed/room back! Happy Oregon!

  2. Jax aint no goddamn son-of-a-bitch! Better think about it babay! (Misfits song - Danzig rules.)


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