Tricks are for Kids

10:19 PM

Some recent videos:

i love the faces he makes! if you can  believe it, jax is a mere 8 weeks from turning into a toddler (although he pretty much toddles any chance he can get) or what I call part baby part boy (a boyby, if you will). he is absolutely amazing and he really provides much of the strength I have to not fall apart sometimes. like yesterday - which was the 1 year anniversary of my mother's death. its kind of odd to call it an anniversary, why would anyone want to celebrate that? - thats because its really to celebrate the life she did have. i know she is with me in all the parenting that i do. i miss her and i am glad i have jax here to share with him memories of her.

*I forgot to include a link to the annual AFSP walk that we will participate in again this year. Please visit the link and if you can (I know times are tough money wise for everyone) please donate and support this cause. You can even support it by walking with us at the crack of dawn the day after my birthday! Its at Lake Merritt in Oakland on October 16th.

when i get a chance ill scan some photos i stole from my brother when i was in oregon. he had salvaged a box full of photos of us growing up as kids from their move from LA to oregon. theres some real treasures there.

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  1. Look at this adorable little genius! He speaks Spanish AND he can already clap... He's totally becoming a little boy.
    I can imagine how hard this anniversary is on you. We're here for you, don't forget.

  2. I love the video with CW speaking spanish. Jax is so smart! I love him and miss you guys!


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